Mini-lift:your advantages at a glance

The mini-lift offers many advantages, becoming an essential helper on every construction site:

  • No more heavy carrying

    The mini construction lift Flipper saves you carrying heavy goods through narrow stair cases. It protects your physical health and keeps you and your team motivated and energetic.

  • Work faster and more efficient

    The mini construction lift Flipper is ready to use within five minutes. Flat roof, balcony or window, no drilling or support necessary.

  • Gentle lifting

    Thanks to its patented design, the transported goods are towed via two winches. This prevents damages through uncontrolled turning and scraping on walls. The folding mechanism enables you to transport all parts safely to the right floor.

Transport your materials in a body-friendly way!

Mini-lift for construction sites – flexible transport without heavy carrying!

Are you looking for a device to transport heavy goods on your construction site – safe and gentle to your workers as well as material? Then the mini construction lift by inventor Alexander Richter is right for your business! The mobile mini crane can easily lift objects like windows, doors or dry construction works up to 150 kg. The flexible construction hoist fits into every van and is ready for use within five minutes.

  • Are you fed up with your employees calling in sick, because they had to carry too heavy objects?
  • You wonder how to quickly distribute construction parts on your construction site?
  • You feel like windows are getting bigger and heavier, staircases are getting smaller?

Steadfast mini crane for new construction and restructuring

Bauminilift at Telgte

What is special about the mini construction lift Flipper? It is nearly independent from your construction situation. No matter if you want to work from a window, a balcony, a flat roof or a new building with a scaffold – it always works perfectly.

Thanks to its smart design, the weight of the winches and the longer lever create a positive effect for the stability of the lift. An additional counterweight makes the lifting of parts up to 150 kg possible.

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Exceptional innovation for easier work on construction sites

The mini construction lift Flipper is a profitable investment. Thanks to its unique design and versatile usability, Flipper was awarded with the innovation award “Innovationspreis Münsterland 2015”.

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