Innovative mini construction lift – situation and development

The mini construction lift was developed by Alexander Richter to make the lifting of windows, doors and other heavy objects easier. The solution: a compact construction hoist which quickly brings building parts to the right floor. With this method, you save time at transport and protect the health of your employees.

How did the idea emerge?

The developers’ main business was the installation of windows and doors. Over the years, the building parts got larger and heavier.
Especially commercial properties have larger and larger window facades. But even for private houses, floor to ceiling windows are increasingly popular. Triple glazing makes the components heavier.
To manage this weight and make the lifting of the parts easier, a construction lift was needed!

Construction lift for physical relief on the construction site

Time and again, construction parts have to be transported to the upper floors manually. This is a tasks that puts significant physical strain on workers, resulting in health issues and consequentially negative financial effects (sick employees, searching for suitable replacement, training period, etc.).

The invention of the mini construction lift Flipper in 2012

To make a work day easier for himself and others, Alexander Richter started searching for a suitable tool – without success. Standard mobile cranes and lifts are often too heavy and difficult to install or do not lead to the desired result. Therefore, the founder started working on a lift after his own needs.

After nearly three years of development, countless hours of tinkering in the garage, several prototypes and several test runs, his work was rewarded: the construction lift was finished! Because of the unique setup and versatile application, the inventor was awarded with the innovation award in the category “klein und pfiffig” in November 2015.

Prototype 3 Prototype 3
Prototype 4 Prototype 4

In the background prototype 3.

Prototype 4 Prototype 4

Prototype 5 Prototype 5
Prototype 5 - Innovationaward Münsterland 2015 Prototype 5 - Innovation Award Münsterland 2015

Minilift Minilift
Bauminilift Bauminilift

Further insights into the development of the Bauminilift

Development of Bauminilifts
Development of Bauminilifts
Development of Bauminilifts
Development of Bauminilifts
Development of Bauminilifts