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FLEXIBLE TRANSPORT, NO HEAVY LUGGING-with our construction lift!

Do you want to make work easier on your construction site?

An aid for safe transport that is gentle on the body and material? Then we have the perfectsolution for you with our construction lift Flipper! With the mobile construction crane,components such as doors, windows or drywall panels can be lifted up to 150 kg without anyeffort.

In addition, the small crane for windows and co. fits into any van and is ready for use withinminutes.

  • Would you like to spare your employees the heavy lugging and thus prevent absences due toillness?
  • You want a faster distribution of the components on the construction site?
  • You face the problem that building elements are getting bigger / heavier and staircases are gettingsmaller at the same time?

Take remedial action now with our innovative Minilift!

No more heavy luggingWith the construction liftFlipper you save yourself theheavy carrying through narrowstaircases, protect your healthin the process and are stillmotivated and energetic at theend of the day.
Work faster and more economicallyThe Bau-Minilift Flipper can beused in just five minutes,whether on a flat roof, balconyor directly from the window.No drilling on the building isrequired for installation.
Gentle LiftingThanks to the patenteddesign, the transported goodsare pulled by two tractioncables. This prevents the partsfrom turning uncontrollablyand causing damage bydragging on the building wall.The folding mechanism allowsyou to safely get your parts tothe desired floors.

THE LITTLE CRANEfor doors, windows & more

The decisive advantage of our construction lift is its complete flexibility and independence fromthe respective construction situation. Whether from the window, flat roof, balcony or scaffolding -the Minilift always works perfectly. This is because, due to the intelligent design, the dead weightof the winches and the longer lever on the back can create a high level of stability. With asupplementary counterweight, components weighing up to 150 kg can be hoisted.

For new construction, you can simply dowel the mobile construction crane to the back or attach itto the scaffolding. Thanks to a monitoring sensor, the cable winches are switched off immediatelyin the event of an overload, so that the crane never loses its stability. In addition, two cablewinches prevent the components from twisting and dragging along the wall when being pulled up.So everything remains undamaged!

INTEREST AROUSED?Watch our videos and learn more about our minilift!Visit our YouTube channel

THE EXCELLENT INNOVATIONfor easier work on the construction

Our small crane for drywall panels and much more is a profitable investment that will quickly payoff for you. It is not without reason that the developer Alexander Richter was awarded theMünsterland Innovation Prize 2015, among others, for the unique construction method anddiverse application possibilities of the construction lift.

The advantages of the Minilift at a glance:
No heavy lugging: you save yourself heavy lugging through narrow staircases, relieve your healthand are thus more motivated and energetic!
Fast, efficient work: Ready for use in just five minutes, the Construction Minilift can be used forwork on flat roofs, balconies or directly from windows.

Gentle lifting: Due to the innovative, patented construction method, the components are pulled bytwo traction ropes. This prevents the parts from twisting and dragging uncontrollably on the housewall.Thanks to the intelligent folding mechanism, you can safely transport the goods to the desiredfloor.Do you have any questions or would you like personal advice? Do not hesitate to contact us. Wewill be happy to answer your questions!

Preisgewinner - Alexander Richter

THE EXCELLENT INNOVATIONfor easier work on the construction

The Bau-Minilift-Flipper is a profitable investment that pays for itself after a short time. Due to itsunique design and versatility, I was awarded the Münsterland Innovation Prize 2015 for the Bau-Minilift-Flipper in November 2015.


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