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Our mini construction lift
for lifting construction elements

No more heavy hauling on the construction site! No matter whether new construction or renovation - the Minilift convinces with a wide range of applications. 

Take a look at our application examples!

The application fields
of our mini construction hoist at a glance

Balcony lift Application of the Construction Lift Flipper and Mini-Flipper as Balcony Lift

Construction Lift Flippers and Mini-Flippers can also be used as balcony lifts,
the small version of the balcony lift requires just 1 meter of space to set up.
The transport and assembly can be done by one person, since our balcony lift is like a
Drying rack and can be set up in just a few simple steps, two ensure a secure hold
Ceiling props that are stretched against the ceiling on the rear side.

All pictures and videos serve only as an example from practice,
the operator is always responsible for setting up and operating the balcony lift
be sure to read and follow the operating instructions

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