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The innovative mini construction lift:
History & development

 Alexander Richter once developed the construction-lift Flipper to make it easier to lift windows, doors and other heavy objects on a construction site. The solution to this often major problem came in the form of a construction minilift, which quickly and safely brings the desired objects to the appropriate floors. 

In the end, this not only saves you time during transport, but also relieves your employees of the strenuous lugging that often even affects their health.

How the development
of our construction lift came

Originally, our main activity was the assembly of windows and doors. But over the years, Alexander Richter has increasingly faced the challenge in his day-to-day work that construction elements are constantly getting bigger and thus heavier.

A good example of this is windows: Especially in commercial real estate, the trend is moving more and more toward large window fronts. But floor-to-ceiling windows are also playing an increasingly important role in private construction projects. Triple glazing, now often regarded as a standard feature by many customers, also results in a considerably higher weight of the building elements. In order to be able to handle these weights without any problems, a small crane for windows, doors, etc. was needed.

Physical relief on the construction site
thanks to construction lift

On a construction site, it is not uncommon for components to have to be moved manually to upper floors. In the long run, this naturally leads to enormous physical strain and the resulting health problems of the employees.

This in turn has a negative impact on the company: Employees are absent due to illness, have to be replaced, etc.

How we market our
construction lift

Of course, Alexander Richter wanted and still wants to share his innovative construction lift with others. Therefore, in 2016, he first brought his invention to the regional and then to the entire federal territory Market.

Numerous companies in various sectors are now among his satisfied ones Customers - convince yourself of the innovative, small crane for glass surfaces and more!

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